Kaizuka Ibuki Village

Refining the Existing Landscape

Ibuki village is a designated administrator business for the Osaka Prefectural Agricultural Park, which has a total area of approximately 12 hectares. Before this renewal project, the park had been operated by an agricultural cooperative of local farmers, but a lack of population in agriculture has made the operation of the farm hard to maintain. Thus, the decision was made to renovate it into a new facility. The new business concept is an SDGs resort that offers a combined experience of agriculture, welfare, lodging and food. Through the involvement with natural environment assets and agriculture, the project promotes employment of people with disabilities and provides users with a new lodging experience with delicious meals. The goal of this project is to recognize diversity, create an environment where everyone can gather and work, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. FADE IN was in charge of the overall landscape planning and architectural design. We reuse existing facilities as much as possible, since the facility was to be built on a large site. For example, we redesigned the existing administration building adjacent to the pond as a bright café; replacing the wall with a large, sweeping window has made the cafe open to the pond. The use of low-pole lighting has made the existing walking path a safe place to walk even at night. In the glamping zone, there is rental farmland that is devastated by weeds but we renovated it as an accommodation space in a wildflower meadow full of natural charm. Also, taking advantage of the dais-shaped site, each section is spacious with a driveway and open space. In addition, we reuse locally harvested trees for fire benches and bamboo chips for wood chip pavement.

Osaka Prefectural Agricultural Park(Kaizuka Ibuki Village)
Kaizuka, Osaka
March, 2022
Site Area