Higashikagaya Residence

A garden that connects north and south

By designing the entrance hall as a whole, we create a seamless connection between the inside and outside of the building. We designed an atrium that goes from north to south of the building, forming a large green space which unites the open space on the north and south sides. Residents would feel unexpectedly pleasant when they spend time in the sequence that extends from the quiet approach on the north to the bright garden on the south side. The north and south sides have different atmospheres due to the difference in sunlight conditions. Since the north side is busy with traffic noise, we designed the entrance space like a boundary that allows residents to feel the change from a noisy to a calm living environment. It is a shady, moist, quiet, healing space that passes through a green grove of trees. The south side, on the other hand, takes advantage of the abundant sunlight to create a bright, open space where children can run around. By planting many deciduous tall trees in the garden, we have created a comfy place where people can feel the colors and transitions of the four seasons, as well as spend time comfortably under the shade of the trees.

Casale West Gate City Landscape Design
Suminoe Ward, Osaka City
March, 2022
Site Area
2,777㎡, 128 units
Artplanning Co. Ltd.
TKI Co. Ltd.