Nagaokakyo Residence

A circle where people can connect with each other. Rich moments created by the overlapping of rings and circles.

We made a construction plan to create a large park in the center of the entrance of the large-scale housing complex. We have designed a green space of over 2,000㎡ where anyone can spend time freely in the center of the residence. We let the park be a place where people come there for hangout and relaxation or to enjoy the colors of the four seasons, and moreover, interact with each other and have contact with the local community. We try to design a place for residents to share some space together and have a point of contact between people living there. This place would let them create a community among them and realize a green lifestyle where people can feel the colors of nature on a daily basis. In the design process, we had an idea to represent the space as a “ring” where people can connect with each other. In addition, we create an overlap of rings which circulates around two large squares so that residents can encounter various scenes such as green spaces, grounds, and lawn squares. By creating a symbolic shape like a circle of wisdom including the sidewalks and lanes of the housing complex, residents would be familiar with the shape and come to love it.

Laurel Square Nagaokakyo The Marks, Landscape Design
Nagaokakyo, Kyoto
October 2022 (scheduled)
Site Area
14,745 ㎡ , 381 units
Kintetsu Real Estate Corporation, Panasonic Homes Co., JR West Real Estate Development Co.