Maya Nursery School

Playful Garden in a City

We renovated a nursery school in a city. Our plan was to utilize limited space and create a garden where children can enjoy not only the playground but also feel nature. We turned this idea into a “green promenade” by using the way from the entrance to the school building and filling it with trees representing the four seasons, such as cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, fruit trees, and flowerbeds for replanting. With this promenade, children can feel the change of the seasons on the way to the school. In addition, we planted a 5-meter-high deciduous tree at the rear of the playground to create shade and greenery. By carefully connecting spaces, we can design a school garden surrounded by nature even if it is a limited area such as small spaces and gaps  in front of and behind the playground.  

Certified Nursery School for Early Childhood Education and Care, Maya Nursery School, Playground
Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture
August, 2022
Site Area
656㎡ garden area
Social Welfare Corporation Maya En, certified preschool in partnership with preschool and day-care center, Maya Nursery School
Eco Factory Co.