Nozomi Nursery School

Green Veil

We renovated a school garden with playground equipment. The client asked us if they could create a garden where children could play in nature, with a tunnel, slide, water play, shade trees, lawn, grass, and flowers. So we proposed an idea that we arrange the plants in such a way that they would watch over children playing in the garden. While maintaining a space in the center of the garden for sports day, we arranged trees, a hill, a playground, grass and flowers, and a grove of fruit trees and other trees in a circular pattern. Within the circle, we relocated the existing playground equipment. In this way, the central square was combined with a playground that utilizes the greenery of the surrounding area. In the future, we expect that the trees and greenery will grow and a “green veil” will become a place to nurture children both as a natural playground and as a landscape.

Nozomi Nursery School, Playground
Suma Ward, Kobe City
March 2022
Site Area
Social Welfare Corporation Jesus Band Preschool, Nozomi Nursery School