Taidera Nursery School

Landscape Design Represents the Context of History and Culture of a Community

The goal in this project was to connect Taidera Nursery School with the two lawn areas, historical culture, as well as the local community, which continues in the future. To realize this, we had several challenges in producing a large external space that unites three essential assets of the community: the beautiful lawn garden that existed before the renovation, the adjacent lawn area in front of the Koke Temple, and the new site to be expanded.

In our design, we planned to utilize the uniqueness of each external space by re-identifying the relationship of each space by looking at the existing assets, height difference conditions, and its relationship with the school building one by one.

On the east side of the school building, a large undulating grassy terrain was created using the olive grove that existed before the renovation as a guide. The original earthen pipe was reused as a tunnel from the lawn to the grove. Since there was already a well-formed and reusable lawn in front of Koke Temple on the west side of the school building, we planned to create two lawn areas with different attractions on the east and west sides.

In addition, the approach corridor makes use of the historical heritage of the abandoned temple tower of Taidera Temple and the existing cherry blossoms. We improved the parking lot and widened the road to reduce congestion when parents pick up and drop off children.

Taidera Nursery School, Playground
Akashi, Hyogo
March, 2020
Site Area
Certified Childcare Center Taidera Nursery School by Social Welfare Corporation Ruriko Fukushi Kai
Eco Factory Co.,Ltd., Nagae Architect Office
Hiroki Kawata