Nature’s Gift: Woodland “BE KOBE”

BE KOBE rests pridefully in nature. We made it merge with the silence of the forest yet be the monument of the woodland. It is supposed to be a medium for people who make a life there, being relaxed and taking pleasure in the beautiful scenery of the woodland. In this way, we want them to smile and want this smile to be communicated in to the world. We use woods and stones from nature to represent the essence of the woodland becoming its logo. This is the gift from nature that welcomes visiting cyclists. In addition, we plan to make BE KOBE as a resting place that the cyclists desire to visit during their trips. We try to realize this aim by accommodating fences for the cyclists, woody counters, benches and other equipment for them. It is our desire that BE KOBE will be a comfortable resting area for the visitors brought by the monument. We hope that BE KOBE allows visitors to fully enjoy nature together with their friends and family and to give them the sense of being a part of the woodland.

Kande Yamada Cycle Road "BE KOBE", Monument and Resting Area maintenance
Resting Area at Tukuhara Ohashi, Yamada-cho Kita-ku, Kobe
June, 2020
Site Area
Planning Division, Road Department, Kobe City Construction Bureau
Design, Production, and Installation
Kansaizoen Co,Ltd. FADE IN Ltd. and Arimoto Kogyo Co.,Ltd.