Kawachinagano Residence

Landscape Design of a Garden-like Space which Connects a Mansion with the City

We designed the landscape of Kawachinagano Residence, which is a newly built condominium located in an existing shopping street in front of a station. Beforehand, this place mainly served to energize the city as a pachinko parlor yet it has been losing its energy as the initial dwellers get older. The city made a plan to bring new residents to the shopping street by using the advantage of being close to a station. Our job was to re-energize this city with a landscape design. The historical context of the former Koya Road was used as a clue to create a garden-like natural space. Also, our design allows us to provide the town with the changes of the four seasons and form a quiet space that is friendly and appropriate for this location.

Grand Palace Kawachinagano, Landscape Design
Kawachinagano, Osaka
Date of a Completion
October, 2020
Site Area
1,960㎡, 70 units
Daiichi Koutsu Sangyo Co.,Ltd.
Amorphous Architectural Design Co.,Ltd
Hiroki Kawata