Hirano Residence

Garden and Field

The “garden” is filled with the colors of the four seasons, and the “field” is a blank space where one can feel the earth. Our plan was to design these two elements in the landscape. On the east side of the site, the entrance approach is a pathway that people use every day, so we incorporated many plants with unique leaves, flowers, and shapes. As a result, the garden space has become a place for residents to enjoy a botanical life on a daily basis. On the southwest side of the site, we designed an earthen mound (embankment) square based on the motif of the city’s historical landscape called “Hirano moat encircling the plain.” The square offers residents a space to be relaxed, spending time under the shade of trees or on the lawn. In addition, our planting plan was to make each side enjoyable and attractive in its own way. This is because we think there are several ways to design greenery, which creates different meanings in landscape. On the southwest side, residents can enjoy the four seasons of Japan with groves of trees, and on the northeast side, people can enjoy the fragrance and fruitfulness of herbs, flowers, and fruit trees. A garden on the southeast side allows residents to enjoy the color and individuality of Aussie plants.

Grand Palace Hirano, Landscape Design
Hirano, Osaka
March, 2021
Site Area
2,250㎡, 88 units
Daiichi Koutsu Sangyo Co., Ltd.