Ichibaku Nursery School

A Big Green Mountain in a Nursery School

This project began with the vision of nursery school teachers wanting a playground with lots of nature. Our goal was to produce a place where children of the nursery school are able to move freely and play in nature. Thus, we planned to create “a big mountain with a grass field” to encompass the entire playground instead of the previous flat dirt ground. Our design allows the mountain to gain a sight of children and lead them to come in, and let the playground embrace it. This is an attempt to incorporate the charms of the natural environment into the garden space, such as the undulating topography, the wooded area with fallen leaves and nuts, and the shaded playground.

Ichibaku Nursery School
Nishinomiya, Hyogo
March, 2019
Site Area
(Playground): 500㎡
Ichibaku Nursery School, Certified Nursery School by Jesus Band Social Welfare Corporation
Hiroki Kawata