Shin Umeda Residence

Green Spaces in an Urban Area: “Layer” and “Shimmering Nature”
The Award-winner of The 14th Osaka Greening Award, Governor of Osaka Award

We wanted to bring the richness of nature to life in the heart of a rapidly evolving city. What we wanted to value in the landscape design was to produce a relaxing space surrounded by greenery. By taking advantage of the conditions of the site such as the road bordered on three sides (south, east, and north), we were able to create a U-shaped open space. By unifying the finishing materials of the walls and floors, we were able to create a vast green space that expands about 770㎡. For the design of the green space, we planned to present nature attractively that is unique to the city with the keywords “layered” (“urban and neat overlapping”) and “garden” (“shimmering nature”). We transformed the soft grove of trees into a modern space by cutting it into square layers, and then reconnected the square layers according to the activity. Also, we produce the base of the planting area to undulate like a natural terrain that forms a comfortable sway. In addition, the top edge of the building is being held in place by metal, so it can be covered with greenery all the way to the edges and create a neat design by arranging the rising line horizontally. In this way, we made the design unique, with a sense of both sophistication and wildness.

Parknade Shin Umeda Urban Palace, Landscape Design
Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka
February, 2020
Site Area
1,900㎡, 107 units
Panasonic Homes Co., Ltd., Daiichi Koutsu Sangyo Co.,Ltd
The 14th Osaka Greening Award, Governor of Osaka Award