Padoma Nursery School

Design of a Symbolic Green Space around a Waterfront in a City

As part of the renewal project of the playground, we created a waterside environment where the children and local residents can enjoy nature. The idea was to produce a brand new and symbolic green space for the community by creating a natural environment where water streams and fireflies live in the midst of high-rise residential buildings. The murmuring water and biotope pond will be an important space where children can experience nature and freely enjoy searching for insects and playing in the water.
Our intention is to nurture children’s mind and body by familiarizing them with nature, and to let them learn about natural environments where people and nature can coexist.
We also aim to produce a place which children and local residents can actively use. In the future, the goal is to create an environment where fireflies can live in the biotope pond, creating an attractive seasonal scene.

Padoma Nursery School, Playground
Nishinomiya, Hyogo
March, 2020
Site Area
300㎡ (Playground)
Padoma Nursery School by Padoma Social Welfare Corporation
Eco Factory Co.,Ltd., Nagae Architect Office
Hiroki Kawata